The Journey towards a Phantom Drone

A Phanthom drone with a 4k camera is on the agenda, maybe learning first how to fly a drone is a smart thing to do? Got this micro quad drone to practise: 17 grams heavyweight… First outdoor test flight ended up on the roof of a pavilion in the Singapore botanical garden, which btw is […]

Marketing Guff Awards 2015 – Open for Nominations

I’m an avid collector of marketing flannel, corporate guff, meaningless verbiage and blathering of any kind and nature. and the winner for May 2015 is:  They sell neat, moderately fashion-conscious wristbands with customisable medi-IDs. So far so good, however a few weeks post my first purchase of the beginner’s package (sic!) the following email […]

Consequences of Increased Mamilomat Usage

Prelude: a “Mamilomat” is a device used by a Mamil to pursue his ambitions. Mamilomats come in the shape of extremely well spec’d (aka expensive) bicycles of the mountain-, road- or triathlon- category where any gram of possible excess weight can be shed off by an additional carbon-titanium upgrade to overcompensate the effects of a steadily […]

Sichuan 2015 in a nutshell

24.05. SIN-CTU; cold Mala noodles in JinLi (admittedly touristee, but so what…), wine and great live music @ Riverside Bar-street (Siguan Road, opposite the Shang) 25.05. bumpy & choppy ride to Rilong along S303 through Wolong Panda Reserve – seven years post Wenchuan EQ 26.05. chill-in walk, fantastic sights in Changping valley 27.05. hike from […]

Tea @ Tiandi

A trip to Chongqing (for the China illiterati: Chongqing is a small village with 30 million inhabitants) brought me to the Tiandi district, where a Hong Kong real estate developer is trying to replicate the spirit of the original (上海天地) with a lot of commitment and money.                    […]