Sharp Peak, Hong Kong – what a hike!

Chapter 1 – November 2000

Walking and scrambling up Sharp Peak is one of the most beautiful and adventurous hikes in Hong Kong! 

An ascent from Tse Uk over the northern ridge,  that I did in November 2000 (yes, it was in the year 2000!!!!) still is fresh in my memory. A longish, demanding walk, was rewarded with fantastic views over the Sai Kung peninsula and the South China sea, and good food at Ham Tin beach.

Two memories from 2000:


Chapter 2 – November 2017

Fast forward to November 2017. I was in Hong Kong for a business trip and nagged “my” hiking gang for a weekend hike. I almost dropped my phone when I read “Sharp Peak” on our WhatsApp group! So Sharp Peak it will be again after 17 years!

We climbed Sharp Peak from Pak Tam Au via the Western ascent – views spectacular and myself elated like a baby once on the peak. A bit of show off time here: no problem whatsoever to ascend Sharp Peak.

The compulsory lunch stop at Ham Tin beach, a quick walk back to Check Keng, from where a fast boat took us to the bus terminus at Wong Shek. Excellent crowd management by the local masters – thank you 🙂

So 17 years later, that’s how I look:

The view from Sharp Peak over Ham Tin beach (yeah,,, its a little over-filtered….)

Thanks to the Hong Kong hiking gang, who made this memory-refresh possible! The fingers point at Sharp Peak, btw..

….and in 2017 we take the selfies with a drone:

some pics courtesy of HC


The 7 Summits

new aspirations

Climbing Sigunyam Mountain (5025 meters above sea level) didn’t quite work out, climbing Haba Snow Mountain (5396 meters above sea level) didn’t quite work either.

Hence, I thought it is time to adjust goals and go for more ambitious targets: the SEVEN SUMMITS. (Note: this is an entirely separate initiative from the 26 summit plans described in an earlier post.)

Such an endeavor needs a lot of preparation and training; and which place is better suited than Singapore?

I’m not a man of many words, but a man of action. Barely back from high altitude training in Yunnan, I shamelessly made use of my elevated EPO-count and scaled the highest mountain in town. I’m very proud to report that we scaled Bukit Tima “on sight” and without the aid of bottled oxygen, Sherpas and/or Yaks.

Surely that is a good start to the journey!



Dear Lucy……..

…. I quasi religiously follow all your reflections about corporate guff, empty phrases, meaningless mission statements, empty value brimboria, the leashing out at CEOs possessing or missing skill sets – to name just a few.

I thoroughly enjoy listening to your careful choice of words, the apparently never ending choice of ranting vocabulary and the elegance and eloquence of your word- and phrase-forging capabilities – may this flow blossom eternally.

However, the other day as I indulged in my weekly listening pleasure “Lucy Kellaway” on and the regular replays on BBC’s podcasts, a thought crossed my mind: what is your mission statement, why are you doing this, and most importantly of all questions: SO WHAT?

PS: if anybody wants to join the group of followers: here is the link to the Financial Times

The Journey towards a Phantom Drone

A Phanthom drone with a 4k camera is on the agenda, maybe learning first how to fly a drone is a smart thing to do?

Got this micro quad drone to practise:

17 grams heavyweight…

First outdoor test flight ended up on the roof of a pavilion in the Singapore botanical garden, which btw is a well manicured urban beauty.

The “safe-the-idiot’s-drone rescue guard” was on the scene 12 hours after the incident and did wonders.

The “bee” was rescued – damage: 4 rotor blades @ SGD 7.50 and the tips to the rescuers.

–> Practice practice practice

Marketing Guff Awards 2015 – Open for Nominations

I’m an avid collector of marketing flannel, corporate guff, meaningless verbiage and blathering of any kind and nature.

and the winner for May 2015 is: 

They sell neat, moderately fashion-conscious wristbands with customisable medi-IDs. So far so good, however a few weeks post my first purchase of the beginner’s package (sic!) the following email clogs up my inbox:

“dümmer goht’s nümmer” as we say in Swiss German! What nonsense is this ??

stay tuned for updates

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