The Journey towards a Phantom Drone

A Phanthom drone with a 4k camera is on the agenda, maybe learning first how to fly a drone is a smart thing to do?

Got this micro quad drone to practise:

17 grams heavyweight…

First outdoor test flight ended up on the roof of a pavilion in the Singapore botanical garden, which btw is a well manicured urban beauty.

The “safe-the-idiot’s-drone rescue guard” was on the scene 12 hours after the incident and did wonders.

The “bee” was rescued – damage: 4 rotor blades @ SGD 7.50 and the tips to the rescuers.

–> Practice practice practice

Marketing Guff Awards 2015 – Open for Nominations

I’m an avid collector of marketing flannel, corporate guff, meaningless verbiage and blathering of any kind and nature.

and the winner for May 2015 is: 

They sell neat, moderately fashion-conscious wristbands with customisable medi-IDs. So far so good, however a few weeks post my first purchase of the beginner’s package (sic!) the following email clogs up my inbox:

“dümmer goht’s nümmer” as we say in Swiss German! What nonsense is this ??

stay tuned for updates

Consequences of Increased Mamilomat Usage

Prelude: a “Mamilomat” is a device used by a Mamil to pursue his ambitions. Mamilomats come in the shape of extremely well spec’d (aka expensive) bicycles of the mountain-, road- or triathlon- category where any gram of possible excess weight can be shed off by an additional carbon-titanium upgrade to overcompensate the effects of a steadily growing BMI of the Mamil owner.

Most humbly I claim © for the word “Mamilomat”.

Main event: I’m committed to 2500 km of MTB and hiking over the course of 2015 – around 1050 km done by mid of May, so far so good.

Regular riding led to a gradual improvement of my stamina (what a surprising statement this is ….): Early in 2015 a two hours 25 km MTB ride used to be an ordeal, now I can do 50km in a morning (see the screenshot from my account below), arrive home in decent shape and have energy to do something else the same day.

On my Merida 29″ hardtail, carbon frame, Shimano XT spec’d Mamilomat* climbing is a sheer pleasure, the big wheels allow very good momentum.

A rant (aka a justification) why I need a full suspension bike will follow in due course – rest assured of that.


Afterplay: A new challenge (a really nice problem to have though…) emerges: my thigh muscles, especially the quadriceps are tightening up to an extend that – for the first time in my life – I book a leg massage. May 19th the big day – the physio goes easy on me, but I writhe in pain. OMG does that hurt. She strongly recommends using a foam roller BEFORE and after each ride. How can I motivate myself on a Saturday morning around 05:50 to torture myself with a piece of hard foam?

let’s see; in the meantime : keep riding


Sichuan 2015 in a nutshell

24.05. SIN-CTU; cold Mala noodles in JinLi (admittedly touristee, but so what…), wine and great live music @ Riverside Bar-street (Siguan Road, opposite the Shang)

25.05. bumpy & choppy ride to Rilong along S303 through Wolong Panda Reserve – seven years post Wenchuan EQ

26.05. chill-in walk, fantastic sights in Changping valley

27.05. hike from Rilong town to Da Hai Tze camp side

28.05. vice versa

29.05. chilling again: Rilong downtown, Aleebeen tea house, more spicy noodles

30.05. reverse of 25.05.& the mother of all dinner buffets in the Shangri La hotel

01.05. Train ride to Chongqing North; overwhelmed with the sheer size of the munipalicity; Riviera III; tea @ Chongqing Tiandi; a happy, solo panini @ Sofitel

02.05. flight to Guangzhou, smooth bus ride to Shunde, Meide Plaza, nice chill-out solo dinner and wine in the Marriott bar, night photography

03.05. pumping it in the gym, car ride to Guangzhou and event-less flight to SIN; home sweet home; pizza, pasta and lots of red wine

Tea @ Tiandi

A trip to Chongqing (for the China illiterati: Chongqing is a small village with 30 million inhabitants) brought me to the Tiandi district, where a Hong Kong real estate developer is trying to replicate the spirit of the original (上海天地) with a lot of commitment and money.












Art gallery & tea house are here to invite visitors to photograph and enjoy some peace. And – hallelujah praise the lord and the party – a total absence of Starbucks, Uniqlo, Zara and consorts.



I found “Art and Tea” a place to indulge in a cup of good tea









la vita e bella