Megrow Pte Ltd turned one

and now… for a little advertisement:

I keep business and pleasure separate on the web and social media, but the 1st birthday of my consulting company Megrow Pte Ltd deserves a mention here !

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achtung – unterbrecherwerbung!

Ich trenne Beruf und Privatleben einigermassen strikt wenn’s um soziale Medien und Web-Präsenz geht. Eine Ausnahme: meine Beratungsfirma Megrow AG ist ein Jahr alt geworden 🙂

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Walking Up Pico de Loro

I got a chance to join a one day trip from Manila to Pico de Loro (“Parrot’s Peak” in Spanish), a 600 meters hill about 60 km to the south west of the capital of the Philippines.

For the uninitiated: people in the Philippines like to get up early, I mean really early as in really really early. I guess that’s a mix between good old habits and the necessity to manage traffic. Anyway, we met at 04:00 in Makati and drove off to reach the entrance to the national park by app 0700. The hike was pleasant, not too demanding and offered plenty of beautiful sights over Manila bay. At a good pace the hill can be climbed within 90 minutes. The hiking trails closed soon after I went there, that explains the enormous number of people doing the hike that day. Officially, the National Parks will “heal” and “replant” the mountain, other sources say that the whole area will be redeveloped into a resort. Would be sad if this beauty would become inaccessible to hikers.

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