Sichuan 2015 in a nutshell

24.05. SIN-CTU; cold Mala noodles in JinLi (admittedly touristee, but so what…), wine and great live music @ Riverside Bar-street (Siguan Road, opposite the Shang)

25.05. bumpy & choppy ride to Rilong along S303 through Wolong Panda Reserve – seven years post Wenchuan EQ

26.05. chill-in walk, fantastic sights in Changping valley

27.05. hike from Rilong town to Da Hai Tze camp side

28.05. vice versa

29.05. chilling again: Rilong downtown, Aleebeen tea house, more spicy noodles

30.05. reverse of 25.05.& the mother of all dinner buffets in the Shangri La hotel

01.05. Train ride to Chongqing North; overwhelmed with the sheer size of the munipalicity; Riviera III; tea @ Chongqing Tiandi; a happy, solo panini @ Sofitel

02.05. flight to Guangzhou, smooth bus ride to Shunde, Meide Plaza, nice chill-out solo dinner and wine in the Marriott bar, night photography

03.05. pumping it in the gym, car ride to Guangzhou and event-less flight to SIN; home sweet home; pizza, pasta and lots of red wine