Another Beautiful Sunday in Hong Kong

Going to Hong Kong for a breath of fresh air – you gotta be kiddin’, right? In September / October 2015 this scenario is reality. Plagued by persistent haze from Indonesia, PSI readings in Singapore remind us of bad days back in Beijing a few years ago.

Hop on a Tigerair flight just in time to join my HK hiking gang’s quasi mandatory Sunday activity.

The day starts humanely early @ 07:30. I need carbs to move from stand-by to operational: for HKD 28.50 (CHF 3.50 at the time of writing) a decent breakfast at one of the local giga-fast food chains called “Fairwood” is mine.

IMG_4943 IMG_4945

Hong Kong’s ubiquitous, fast and efficient public transport, which is a real estate company with an attached human dislocation division, gets us to the starting point.

IMG_4949 IMG_4947


Sai Kung Country Park offers spectacular views of the sea, our route is easy (very easy, actually too easy….), so my original plan to use this hike as a full dress rehearsal (aka fitness test) for the upcoming Hua Shan Hike isn’t happening today. Never mind, the stroll is very enjoyable!

IMG_4987 IMG_4988IMG_4990

Long live the “selfie-king” Henry I.IMG_4989

PS: the dress rehearsal for HuaShan happened a day later: a mid afternoon solo ascent of Lantau Peak, HK’s second highest mountain. 900 meters altitude difference made for a very good work-out.