Completing Something and then NOT…

Ten days prior to a hike on Hua Shan in Western China, I’m gleaming with joy as I type this up: once I stand on the peak, scheduled for Friday 25. October 2015, I will have summited all nine Sacred Mountains in China, a journey that started by accident in 1994 and became an obsession ever since. My own personal Nine Summits.
To get the vibes, I refresh my memory on Wikipedia and discover – initially much to my horror, but then to my great delight – that the list actually consists of 13 peaks and not 9 as I wrongly assumed over the past two decades! I got the 5 Great Mountains and the 4 Buddhist Mountains correct, but how the f#*! could I not pay attention to the Taoists? How utterly non-inclusive and narrow-minded of my good self!

Taoists need their own, proprietary set of mountains as well – does that surprise the kind reader? This oversight is especially embarrassing since my wife follows some Taoist routes, I have read and unsuccessfully tried to understand Lao Tze over and over again and a quote from Lao Tze is on my Ph.D. thesis’ cover sheet, much to the chagrin of my thesis supervisor, but that is a very old and different story….

Some consolation: I have been to Wudang Shan, one of the four Daoist mountain, spent a week there in a Kung Fu school and climbed the peak – that must be worth some mileage 😉

Greatest – mostest superest – highly awsomest: I have another goal to achieve and more travel plans can be made !!! HOOOORRAAAAAY.

“9” mutates to “13” and we live happily ever after.

details are on wikipedia.
Lets hope all goes well in a week’s time.