The 26 Summits

What happens when you sit together with friends, drink a glass (or more) of good red wine? Chance is that the conversation will sooner or later turn to one or more “to do” (aka bucket) lists. The “Seven Summits” are so passé and so yesterday; today’s adventurers focus on local challenges, environmentally friendly and doable by fair means.

An obvious target would be the ten highest peaks of Singapore, but since Bukit Tima remains closed well into 2017 and I don’t want to hike up the road to the main peak, Switzerland is the next best thing. Why not scale the highest peak of each of Switzerland’s 26 Cantons (Swiss for “province”) ?

So here we go, a new challenge in born: 15 out of the 26 summits are comparatively easy hikes, about 10 of them require mountaineering skills and one is a difficult rock climbing effort. Details are here.

I think I climbed eight of them, so approximately one third through!

Last Saturday we hiked up the tallest mountain of Kanton Basel-Landschaft. The trail starts in a village, winds-up through a small gorge, meets the terminus of a cable car and finally, after 660 meters of altitude difference, the “Hinteri Egg” @ 1169 meters above sea level is reached. A gentle downhill hike et voila: one more is off the list 🙂

Next one: either Jura, Solothurn or Aargau – stay tuned