Attempting One of the Sisters (四姑娘山)

The 2015 incarnation of the annual spring-time excursion cum adventure led to us an attempt on the oldest of the Four Sisters in Aba County in Sichuan. Four Memorabilia: The drive from Chengdu to Rilong town in Aba County along the provincial road S303 lead us through a narrow valley heavily affected by the Wenchuan earthquake […]

A Pilgrimage to a Holy Lake

Over many many generations a belief runs in my family that the water of a small lake, hidden in the mountains near my hometown, has healing powers. My forefathers took long arduous journeys under their feet to reach the lake and bathe in it. During an absolutely splendid summer holiday in July 2015, I got curious and decided to […]

Der Mamil fliegt nach Kuching zum Veloele

Mamilomat fahren ist das Golf des 21. Jahrhunderts – die Menschheit macht Fortschritte. Freitagabend 10. Juli 2015, Changi Flughafen: das Merida sicher im neuen EVOC Sack verstaut, Unmengen von Mamil-Zubehör verpackt und eine urbane Schultertasche lässig umgehaengt. In der Lounge stopfe ich mir den Magen mit belegten Broten voll und trinke ein Glas Rotwein. Perfekter […]

Sichuan 2015 in a nutshell

24.05. SIN-CTU; cold Mala noodles in JinLi (admittedly touristee, but so what…), wine and great live music @ Riverside Bar-street (Siguan Road, opposite the Shang) 25.05. bumpy & choppy ride to Rilong along S303 through Wolong Panda Reserve – seven years post Wenchuan EQ 26.05. chill-in walk, fantastic sights in Changping valley 27.05. hike from […]

Tea @ Tiandi

A trip to Chongqing (for the China illiterati: Chongqing is a small village with 30 million inhabitants) brought me to the Tiandi district, where a Hong Kong real estate developer is trying to replicate the spirit of the original (上海天地) with a lot of commitment and money.                    […]

Exploring a New World

Im rather underexposed to the Levant, the Arab Peninsula and the Gulf region. I got a chance to extend a business trip by one day and spend some time meandering through Qatar (ie being chauffeured around an air conditioned Honda with a driver from Kerala…) Step 1: getting there from Singapore; flying via Dubai Step […]

TaKInG the bOaT to wOrK

A new way to get to work:  The boat pier is near our house, a leasurely 40 minutes cruise on the Singapore river, then 10 mins walk to the office. Its way too slow for every day use, but every once in a while it makes for a nice alternative