still not recovered – but dreaming is always an option

whilst slowly and steadily regaining control over my Injured ankle, memories of a challenging trek in the Eastern Himalays four years ago resurface. Climbing out of a tent during a snow storm, changing route several times, and craving like a wild, untamed animal for hot food out of sheer exhaustion….

looking at this image makes my thoughts fly


de faahre ig uff kyoto….

seit vielen vielen Jahren wuensche ich mir, nach Kyoto zu reisen, dort DEN Steingarten mit DEN Mustern und DEN Bonsai-Gewuechsen reinzuziehen. So alles klappt, sollt’s in einer Woche soweit sein……..

dann noch was aus China: “a superior person does not hasten to achieve results”  – die wussten schon vor ein paar Tausend Jahren wie’s geht (aus Wei Zhi).

raw – how much post processing?

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how much post-processing is “right”, whatever right means. I originally was a hard-core non-processor, ie I restricted myself to minimal sharpening, WB and maybe exposure correction. Growing with my photography (or not…) I slowly come to realise that a RAW is a negative and it NEEDS some processing, like in the old days the path from negative to a paper copy.

So I gradually make the transition towards a moderate PP, I still cannot stand over-processed pictures, especially over-cooked HDRs, but de gustibus non est disputandum.

The three pictures are from L to R (hahahaha the LightRoom acronym), an almost unprocessed raw to jpeg, then simple processing (sharpening and exposure comp) and the one on the right used the “clarity” slider in LR5 a lot. I have to admit this thing does magic…

BTW: Im a total “sucker” for Martin Bailey’s podcast Take your time to listen whilst you have a quiet 20 minutes, this is photography ZEN in its purest form.

too much unbalanced exercise … difficult to believe

several month of a slightly swollen ankle, a little discomfort, every once in a while some pain… an MRI and a few doctor’s visits later (and a few hundred $$$$ poorer), seems the final conclusion is that walking and biking “only” doesn’t properly utilise the ankle….

so……..physiotherapy, off the bike and of off the hiking path and hopefully in a few month all is back to normal…


inured left ankleinured left ankle inured left ankle