de faahre ig uff kyoto….

seit vielen vielen Jahren wuensche ich mir, nach Kyoto zu reisen, dort DEN Steingarten mit DEN Mustern und DEN Bonsai-Gewuechsen reinzuziehen. So alles klappt, sollt’s in einer Woche soweit sein…….. dann noch was aus China: “a superior person does not hasten to achieve results”  – die wussten schon vor ein paar Tausend Jahren wie’s geht (aus […]

raw – how much post processing?

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how much post-processing is “right”, whatever right means. I originally was a hard-core non-processor, ie I restricted myself to minimal sharpening, WB and maybe exposure correction. Growing with my photography (or not…) I slowly come to realise that a RAW is a negative and it NEEDS some processing, […]

too much unbalanced exercise … difficult to believe

several month of a slightly swollen ankle, a little discomfort, every once in a while some pain… an MRI and a few doctor’s visits later (and a few hundred $$$$ poorer), seems the final conclusion is that walking and biking “only” doesn’t properly utilise the ankle…. so……..physiotherapy, off the bike and of off the hiking […]