Effective Consulting

Delivering Interim Management and Risk Consulting What does this business lingo have to do on my personal blog? Good question. Read on to unravel the mystery. Some history is here. Simply put, Megrow Pte Ltd is my current employer. In other words, it is the current platform on which I deploy my value proposition to… Continue reading Effective Consulting

weight management journey

where is the momentum? A few months back, I wrote about my weight management journey, aka my ‘easy weight loss’ regime. Two relatively minor adjustments to my diet and a more balanced exercise regime apparently did the trick. for the last two months, my weight remained stable That reads like good news, but in my… Continue reading weight management journey

reviving my Nikon F3

Analogue Friday with the Nikon F3 Since the advent of digital photography my trusted Nikon F3 HP has not seen much daylight. Bluntly put, for the past 20 years this iconic piece of equipment rested peacefully in my Lowe photo-suitcase. This digital post is all about analog picture taking. Musings about digital photography are here.… Continue reading reviving my Nikon F3

best of 2019

My annual ritual of compiling and sharing the best photographs of 2019 (yes 2019…. I am slightly, just so slightly late to the party this time around). So here they are: 5 in colour and 5 in black and white “2019 was my year of black and white photography“ brief review I’m rather pleased with… Continue reading best of 2019

the annual ritual

This is the yearly “my company has grown a year older” advertisement message. Head over to the Megrow website to read how the company has evolved and what Megrow and its partners have delivered to clients. And give Megrow’s podcast a try as well (see below).

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The Return of the Isdal Woman

I’m a fan of long-form reporting A very well-made, suspense loaded and sometimes thrillingly tense BBC podcast engulfed me early 2018: two journalists reported, over the course of ten episodes, their efforts to shed light on the death of an mysterious, unknown woman (the “Isdal Woman”) in Bergen, Norway, some 40 years ago. The story… Continue reading The Return of the Isdal Woman

top 10 images from 2018 – the details

photograph by photograph In a previous post I shared how I selected the 10 best photographs I took over the course of 2018. Now it’s time to dwell a bit more into detail and share my thoughts about each image. The sequence of images in this post is NOT a ranking, I simply use capture… Continue reading top 10 images from 2018 – the details

top 10 photographs of 2018 – the journey

Originally inspired by pro-photographer Martin Bailey (website), I just compiled – what I most humbly consider – the 10 best photographs I took in 2018. My target was to have a “top10 2018 collection”, containing 5 b&w and 5 “colour” images. Adobe Lightroom (kind of a love-hate relationship) is a valuable tool to make cataloguing… Continue reading top 10 photographs of 2018 – the journey