Enjoying Hong Kong

A ferry ride through rough sea, some modest hiking, spectacular views, good company and some nice food – what a nice boxing day

shooting in the rain

rainy season in Singapore – looking for clouds, structures and sea surface to play around with a new ND filter. Arriving on location … didn’t look like photo shooting was on the agenda

still not recovered – but dreaming is always an option

whilst slowly and steadily regaining control over my Injured ankle, memories of a challenging trek in the Eastern Himalays four years ago resurface. Climbing out of a tent during a snow storm, changing route several times, and craving like a wild, untamed animal for hot food out of sheer exhaustion…. looking at this image makes… Continue reading still not recovered – but dreaming is always an option

for the love of tea

I’ve always been a tea lover, grew my knowledge from over-perfumed cheap quality Earl Grey into the more subtle realms of aged Pu Er from Yunnan and AliShan from Taiwan