The 7 Summits

new aspirations Climbing Sigunyam Mountain (5025 meters above sea level) didn’t quite work out, climbing Haba Snow Mountain (5396 meters above sea level) didn’t quite work either. Hence, I thought it is time to adjust goals and go for more ambitious targets: the SEVEN SUMMITS. (Note: this is an entirely separate initiative from the 26 […]

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Adding Colour to the Yunnan Trip

The previous post about the excursion to Yunnan had a few artsy fartsy black and white picture in the gallery. To bring balance to the universe, here are some colour pics – enjoy [juicebox gallery_id=”33″]

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Hiking and Sightseeing in Northern Yunnan, China

the plan for the 2017 adventure After a prolonged to-and-fro, we decided to climb a rather tall-ish mountain in Yunnan. The plan was simple (at least on paper…): fly to Lijiang in Yunnan province, drive to Haba village, acclimatize for one day, walk up to the base camp (4100 meters above sea level), acclimatize for […]