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Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg

First time I saw a picture of this building, I was simply blown away by its outer-worldly beauty. I had to go and visit it. Herzog De Meuron designed something extraordinary. I’m sure archeology professors and students will ponder about the significance of this building and structure when they discover it under water (global warming,,,,) […]


warning – advertisement!

this is the annual “my company has grown a year older” advertisement message. Head over to the Megrow website to read all the latest and greatest about the tangible business benefits of Enterprise Risk Management, some thoughts about strategy and portfolio underwriting. 

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here is Gutenberg – move over “classic”

After a few month of watching the Gutenberg development by WordPress unfold, I have decided to move over from the “classic” editor. why? The classic editor served me well. I used it extensively for this personal blog and for my company’s website. No bugs, text editing functionality was there and the basic formatting options available […]