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A Month in MTB – Paradise

This is my longest post ever… so much to tell and so much beauty to share. I decided to put it all into one post to give the story the necessary epic feel. July 2019 A brand new Scott Scale bike, work/holiday schedule under control, dry and hot weather in Switzerland, plenty of trails to […]

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my first multi-day mountain biking event

I’m regularly riding my Merida hardtail since we moved back to the Lion City in 2012. Regularly means one to two times a week, recently closer to three times a week, each ride is in the 35 km (+/- 15 km) distance range. The tri-weekly bike hash adds some high level cardio to it, when I (often […]

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Mountain biking in Singapore scheint auf den ersten Blick “not the most obvious thing to do”, aber wie so oft täuscht der anfängliche Eindruck: mit ein wenig Kreativität lassen sich 200 Kilometer XC-Trail zusammenbasteln: ein halbes Dutzend offiziell markierte Trails ergeben 50 Kilometer, ca 60 Kilometer gibt der Green Corridor her, bevor die Verlegung einer Pipeline […]

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A Pilgrimage to a Holy Lake

Over many many generations a belief runs in my family that the water of a small lake, hidden in the mountains near my hometown, has healing powers. My forefathers took long arduous journeys under their feet to reach the lake and bathe in it. During an absolutely splendid summer holiday in July 2015, I got curious and decided to […]