Pisa ohne Pizza

Three days in Tuscany – everything goes, except pizza and insalata caprese! Why that? Those two dishes are omnipresent where we live, so really really no point coming all the way to Italy and then eat that standard fare… PISA and Luca The towns are pleasantly small, have plenty of sights and yes, we did… Continue reading Pisa ohne Pizza

Another Chance to Try a New Restaurant

Cure Restaurant, Singapore Cure Restaurant Visually very appealing, freshly prepared and artisan-style decorated three course lunch menu for app SGD 54 (incl GST and service charge) per person. Friendly and attentive service; restaurant is located in a shop house @ 21 Keong Saik Road Singapore 089128. We highly recommend the place with two small caveats: they should… Continue reading Another Chance to Try a New Restaurant

A Few Days in Prague

The sights are beautiful and aplenty, the whole town-centre is a gigantic pedestrian zone, knick-knack shopping, sight-seeing, people watching and snack-indulgence heaven. The crowds can be overwhelming, however just step 100 meters away from the main thoroughfare and you find quiet restaurants, friendly service and good food. The pics in the gallery could lead to the… Continue reading A Few Days in Prague

Jalan Jalan

Family city-hopping to Kuala Lumpur for sightseeing, sampling local delicacies and – you guessed it – supporting the retail industry. Day one : flight on time, smooth aiport transfer from KLIA2 to downtown and a clean, comfortable room in a nice, conveniently located hotel. Not quite like that: something wrong with the plane, 90 minutes… Continue reading Jalan Jalan

Enjoying Lunch Tête-à-Tête

Many good restaurants are wooing for customers in Singapore. Most of them offer very attractive lunch menus to get you in the mood for an evening return. Out of the restaurants Jannefa and myself recently visited, “The White Rabbit” deserves a mention for its good food, attentive service and the special location / settings. The carpaccio was succulent,… Continue reading Enjoying Lunch Tête-à-Tête

True Beauty is in Simplicity

Chanterelles fresh from the forest (won’t tell you where we find them…), Pan fry them with fresh organic herbs, onions, white wine and use good durum semolina pasta and here you go –  a simple, yet very tasty meal

The Annual Beijing Ritual

Beijing fascinates me. Choosing my journey anywhere between the ultra-ancient and the ultra-modern remains incredibly seductive to me. The icing on the cake are the good company and sumptuous meals with friends and acquaintances every time I return. This is the third trip to Beijing after we moved away from the capital city in June… Continue reading The Annual Beijing Ritual