here is Gutenberg – move over “classic”

After a few month of watching the Gutenberg development by WordPress unfold, I have decided to move over from the “classic” editor. why? The classic editor served me well. I used it extensively for this personal blog and for my company’s website. No bugs, text editing functionality was there and the basic formatting options available… Continue reading here is Gutenberg – move over “classic”

Best of 2017, picture by picture, the 8 black and white

best of 2017, the black and white winners My thoughts and some technical background information about the eight black and white photographs that survived the “best of 2017” selection process described in an earlier post. Image 1, image 2 and image 3 were all taken in a similar location, in the north western part of… Continue reading Best of 2017, picture by picture, the 8 black and white

Another Volcano ?? – YES YES Mount Pinatubo…

the plan ohhh lucky me… whilst taking a lunch break during work, I casually asked a friend whether “doing Pinatubo” over the weekend is an option and yes – a decision was taken quickly. What is so special about Pinatubo? Simply put, the 1991 eruption was the Earth’ second largest volcanic eruption recorded in the 20th… Continue reading Another Volcano ?? – YES YES Mount Pinatubo…

a date in the 21st century

Gone seem the days when the standard date was an invitation and a meal and flowers and a movie and a dance etc. Now a bar with WiFi does the job – a clear case of disruption …..

Hiking in the Cordilleras

getting there The northern part of Luzon, the main island of the Philippines, promises some interesting hiking. Only one little challenge: it takes over six hours by car to get there from Manila, the capital of the Republic. Early March 2017, I joined a group for a hike up Mount Ulap (loosely translated into “mountain of the… Continue reading Hiking in the Cordilleras

Megrow Pte Ltd turned one

and now… for a little advertisement: I keep business and pleasure separate on the web and social media, but the 1st birthday of my consulting company Megrow Pte Ltd deserves a mention here ! Have a look at the company website by clicking on the company logo:   achtung – unterbrecherwerbung! Ich trenne Beruf und… Continue reading Megrow Pte Ltd turned one