Effective Consulting

Delivering Interim Management and Risk Consulting

What does this business lingo have to do on my personal blog?

Good question. Read on to unravel the mystery. Some history is here.

Simply put, Megrow Pte Ltd is my current employer. In other words, it is the current platform on which I deploy my value proposition to clients. (that sounds right our of the business BS bingo app).

At its core, Megrow provides Interim Management and Risk Consulting to clients. The company also does training and coaching and supports its customers in setting strategy.

Megrow Consulting delivers effective consulting and interim management work to its customers!

Happy Anniversary

Admittedly, “time flies” is one of the most over-used expressions on-line and off-line. Having said that, my micro enterprise just turned five. Hence, there is plenty to celebrate and also plenty to do and to improve. Thanks to all the clients who have supported Megrow over the past 5 years. Additionally, Megrow’s partners are an integral part of our success!

Thus far, it has been a challenging and fulfilling journey. Made some measurable, tangible impact, overcame struggles and hurdles; learned a lot and will continue to evolve and improve.

Megrow Consulting is heading full steam into year 6. We have some capacity available to support your ERM-journey. Furthermore, we offer to deploy our C-suite track record as interim managers in your organization.

Enough of the advertisement. If you like to know more about Megrow, head over to the company site.

Alternatively, enjoy the Podcast on LinkedIn.

Or watch the episode directly on Megrow’s YouTube channel

In the meantime, enjoy what you are doing and stay safe.

Megrow delivers Interim Management and Risk Consulting
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