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Hiking in the Cordilleras

getting there The northern part of Luzon, the main island of the Philippines, promises some interesting hiking. Only one little challenge: it takes over six hours by car to get there from Manila, the capital of the Republic. Early March 2017, I joined a group for a hike up Mount Ulap (loosely translated into “mountain of the […]

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The Annual Beijing Ritual

Beijing fascinates me. Choosing my journey anywhere between the ultra-ancient and the ultra-modern remains incredibly seductive to me. The icing on the cake are the good company and sumptuous meals with friends and acquaintances every time I return. This is the third trip to Beijing after we moved away from the capital city in June […]

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Local kopi and coffee shops

If you want to go fully local….It needs a bit of experience, expertise and language skills to order a coffee or a tea in Singapore… The choice is all yours !! kopi = coffee (easy ey…..) teh = tea (also rather trivial) si = with condensed milk o = with evaporated milk Kosong = no sugar […]