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my first multi-day mountain biking event

I’m regularly riding my Merida hardtail since we moved back to the Lion City in 2012. Regularly means one to two times a week, recently closer to three times a week, each ride is in the 35 km (+/- 15 km) distance range. The tri-weekly bike hash adds some high level cardio to it, when I (often […]

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Der Mamil fliegt nach Kuching zum Veloele

Mamilomat fahren ist das Golf des 21. Jahrhunderts – die Menschheit macht Fortschritte. Freitagabend 10. Juli 2015, Changi Flughafen: das Merida sicher im neuen EVOC Sack verstaut, Unmengen von Mamil-Zubehör verpackt und eine urbane Schultertasche lässig umgehaengt. In der Lounge stopfe ich mir den Magen mit belegten Broten voll und trinke ein Glas Rotwein. Perfekter […]


Consequences of Increased Mamilomat Usage

Prelude: a “Mamilomat” is a device used by a Mamil to pursue his ambitions. Mamilomats come in the shape of extremely well spec’d (aka expensive) bicycles of the mountain-, road- or triathlon- category where any gram of possible excess weight can be shed off by an additional carbon-titanium upgrade to overcompensate the effects of a steadily […]