I’m publishing on-line for almost twenty years. From humble beginnings with a self-designed and D.I.Y. html-coded website…

welcome screen of a vintage homepage
design of my personal webpage in 2004

… to content creation on multiple platforms, for instance with my own Youtube channel …

enjoying the food in XiAn, China

… I have evolved my publishing over the years!

a humble start

It all started when I moved from Switzerland to Hong Kong in 2000. I needed a platform to stay in touch with family and friends back in the CH. Social media were in-existent back then. Hence, a static website and some basic Microsoft Video Chat functionalities were the way to go.

the journey

  • the static and simple, album-style website got more sophisticated by adding gallery functions
  • when WordPress saw the dawn of light, I stopped coding the site myself.
  • bitten by the blogging bug since 2014
  • started my YouTube channel in 2014
  • started cross-linking and referencing content across platforms


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