Gutenberg hiking photography

late November: year end panic

Since last year I adopt a practice of choosing – what I consider – my best pictures of the year. Pro-photographer Martin Bailey inspired me to embark on this journey. I gave the process my own spin by choosing my “best of colour” and a separate set “best of black and white”. I find it estetically so much more pleasing to show the two on a separate virtual canvas each.

With 2018 being over soon, I had a quick glance over my 2018 oeuvre as it stood late November. Lightroom’s catalogue function is very helpful here. I opened the filter bar with the “\” key,  selected “2018” in the metadata column, then selected “cameras” to Nikon J1, Nikon J5, Nikon Df and Apple iPhone 6+. I needed to do this selection because my Lightroom catalogue also takes care of pictures that other family members took and I didn’t want to get praise for their work! Lastly, I deselected all pictures with family members on it and removed all selfies from the selection as well. I did this for two reasons: first, I’m not a diligent portrait/people photographer, so the people pictures are mostly snaps and secondl I’m trying to preserve a little privacy.

black and white is fine

I glanced over the 2018 black and white pictures first: scrolling through the images gave me a lot of comfort: I most humbly think there are a plenty of pictures to choose from and certainly a few worthy ones to end up in the “final” selection “best of 2018 b/w”. Hence, all appeared good in this section.

colour — oooooo very very thin

But when I looked for appealing colour photographs, I started panicking. Firstly, there were not that many and secondly, the ones I saw, didn’t exactly scream “quality” at me. Panick reigned in. Having said that, I will choose my best of “2018 in colour”, simply because best of 2018 is best of 2018, regardless how good I think the pictures are. These best of 2018 might not make it into my “best of the 21st century” list, but that is a different matter.

a panic excursion

Having said that, I couldn’t let that “thin selection” sit with me. Hence, the first weekend in December, I packed my Nikon Df with the wide angle zoom and the 85mm f1.8 and headed for the Bukit Timah nature reserve in an almost last minute attempt to “make up” for what appears to be missing from my 2018 colour-collection. Creativity under time pressure: an ideal set-up for failure 🙂

Gutenberg gallery test

Waddling through the jungle in Singapore, battling the high humidity, the occasional heavy downpour and some very slippery paths was not ideal, but still I managed a few decent outdoor shots.

Gutenberg has a gallery function, which is much easier to handle and offers a bit more and better functionality than the “classic” editor ever had. You choose a “gallery” block, then simply drag and drop pictures into it. This really is neat and so much more efficient than in the previous editor.

However, it appears that the functionality still is rather limited. For example pictures cannot be rearranged once the gallery is set up. At least, individual pictures can be added and removed and the layout can be adjusted via changing the number of columns.

WP & Gutenberg bugs
  • it appears that the preview option under WP 4.9 doesn’t offer options “desktop/tablet/mobile” anymore?
  • as of writing this, WP converts the “featured image” of a post into a neat blue “slush” when viewed in Safari.