Sharp Peak, Hong Kong – what a hike!

Chapter 1 – November 2000

Walking and scrambling up Sharp Peak is one of the most beautiful and adventurous hikes in Hong Kong! 

An ascent from Tse Uk over the northern ridge,  that I did in November 2000 (yes, it was in the year 2000!!!!) still is fresh in my memory. A longish, demanding walk, was rewarded with fantastic views over the Sai Kung peninsula and the South China sea, and good food at Ham Tin beach.

Two memories from 2000:


Chapter 2 – November 2017

Fast forward to November 2017. I was in Hong Kong for a business trip and nagged “my” hiking gang for a weekend hike. I almost dropped my phone when I read “Sharp Peak” on our WhatsApp group! So Sharp Peak it will be again after 17 years!

We climbed Sharp Peak from Pak Tam Au via the Western ascent – views spectacular and myself elated like a baby once on the peak. A bit of show off time here: no problem whatsoever to ascend Sharp Peak.

The compulsory lunch stop at Ham Tin beach, a quick walk back to Check Keng, from where a fast boat took us to the bus terminus at Wong Shek. Excellent crowd management by the local masters – thank you 🙂

So 17 years later, that’s how I look:

The view from Sharp Peak over Ham Tin beach (yeah,,, its a little over-filtered….)

Thanks to the Hong Kong hiking gang, who made this memory-refresh possible! The fingers point at Sharp Peak, btw..

….and in 2017 we take the selfies with a drone:

some pics courtesy of HC