best of 2019

My annual ritual of compiling and sharing the best photographs of 2019 (yes 2019…. I am slightly, just so slightly late to the party this time around).

So here they are: 5 in colour and 5 in black and white - the best photographs of 2019
my very own top 10 taken in 2019

2019 was my year of black and white photography

brief review

I’m rather pleased with the black and whites. I managed to either capture interesting structures, contrast, clouds, landscapes and any combination thereof. The images were taken either with my DJI Phantom 3 Professional, an iPhone XR, the Nikon Df or the Nikon J5. Lightroom and Nik Silver Efex Pro for postprocessing.

The color photographs are a slightly different story. I struggled a lot with the selection and I’m still not happy with the outcome. All the more a motivation to do more and do better in 2020!

I intend to provide more information about my best photographs of 2019, share the location, the technicalities and some personal views about the photographs. Hopefully, this will happen before the end of 2020!

Having said that, one of my New Year resolutions for 2020 was (and still is…..) to spend more time out and about photographing. Hence, the ex-post analysis for 2019 might well take a back seat for this year.


This is the third time I am going through this selection process to find – what I consider – my top 10 from the previous calendar year. Head over the the posts describing the process and the outcomes of 2018 and 2017. It is fun and sometimes mentally painful to make difficult decisions about which image makes it to the next round and which one doesn’t.

I also want to make explicit reference to master photographer Martin Bailey, the man who keeps on inspiring me to embark on this funny and sometimes mentally very arduous journey to find my own top 10 every year. His master works of 2019 are accessible for admiration here.