weight management journey

where is the momentum?

A few months back, I wrote about my weight management journey, aka my ‘easy weight loss’ regime. Two relatively minor adjustments to my diet and a more balanced exercise regime apparently did the trick.

for the last two months, my weight remained stable

That reads like good news, but in my case it actually isn’t. Early September I’m at 74.7 kg – about 7 kg lighter than in February this year. However, over the course of July and August I haven’t really shed any weight as you can see below.

weight plotted against date
screenshot from the OKOK International app

time for reflection

I didn’t change anything, right? Not retreated to bad eating habits and still exercising many hours a week, right? So why has the downward trend flattened out then? In other words, why did the weight management journey start stuttering?


First, looking at my Polar flow data, I realise that I burned fewer calories over June – August when compared to the first quarter of 2020. The difference isn’t huge, just about 1000 kcal per month. However, three month times 1000 kcal is not far away from 500g body weight.

the natural normal

Maybe 75 kg is the “natural” weight for a moderately active man at 1.79m in his 50-ies with a balanced, yet certainly not frugal diet. This initially sounded plausible, all the yin and yang and balance and related brimborium. At second glance though, I had prolonged periods during which I weighed less, so not sure this “normal” has any meaning at all. And my bones certainly didn’t get heavier (just to get that well-known excuse out of the way).


I stay away from the dreaded evening snacks. Hence, all good on that front. However, upon closer reflection, I have to admit that I did revert back to consuming three full meals more often than not.

Is this the solution?


73.4 kg is the target weight. No change of plans there.

I plan to burn a few more (exercise) calories over the coming weeks and I also will watch my diet a bit better going forward. Hopefully the 73-ish will be reality by middle of October 2020.

stay tuned!